Ranthambhore is the main city within Ranthambhore National Park, much like Jasper is the main city in Jasper National Park. I have never been in a place that is so similar, yet so completely different than what I know.

At the basic level it is like Jasper, the main attraction here is the tiger safari in the jungle, it is so beautiful and hard to believe that is what India would look like if it weren't so populated. It's a fairly dry jungle, and yet green and full of wildlife. The area is surrounded by brown and rocky "mountains" and rolling hills. The city itself is fairly small and laid back compared to Delhi and Agra.


When you go whale watching you're not guaranteed to see whales, we weren't guaranteed to see tigers, and we didn't. But it was still so worth the trip to the jungle to see a new side of India.

The hotels here are more like resorts, we (me and my Danish friends Lasse and Alex) spent the day lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun under a sky that wasn't filled with pollution. We talked about life in Denmark and life in Canada and travelling and India. The guys drank beers and we ate at the same place all day, only leaving for the safari. We spent the night drinking Indian beers and wine and having Indian snacks, and playing blackjack. It's like being on a resort in Mexico. It's a little slice of paradise in the middle of an otherwise overstimulated country.

One of the best days I've ever had, it was so much fun! Looking forward to Jaipur and adventures with Stacie...