I said goodbye to my friends from Denmark and hello to my travel buddy from Canada! The first day I arrived in Jaipur I was so stoked to finally be connected with Stacie, we were supposed to meet getting off the plane in Delhi, but plans change and I had been traveling alone in India (not including my Danish friends) for almost a week.

There are so many beautiful things to see and do in the Pink City. I did one of them, Hanuman, or Monkey Temple. There were 3 pools there filled with water from the Ganges River, one for women, men and monkeys to bathe once a month. Jaipur is home to the Amber Fort and despite our best intentions, the rooftop lounge at the hostel was a much more chill place to hang out for a couple days.

The first afternoon of being in Jaipur we decided to hop in a tuk-tuk and go to the market. After about an hour of leaving the hostel and only a total of maybe 10 minutes in 2 different markets we were back at the hostel. Jaipur is the largest city in the state of Rajasthan and it was apparent. The streets were busy with traffic and people, we got hassled to buy things and get a tuk-tuk every 10 seconds, we were annoyed and overwhelmed. The sun is hot and you could feel all of its heat as there is virtually no smog.

The hostel we stayed at however was so cool, I loved Jaipur just because I loved being at the hostel and the area around there. Hathroi Palace was colourful, bright, comfortable and had an amazing atmosphere. Our hostel was the coolest place I've ever stayed. It's a yoga loving-hippie paradise, filled with colourful scarves and repurposed furniture. The air smells like curry and spices and the food in Jaipur is the best I've had yet (so good, it deserves its own post). The area around the hostel is abundant with rooftop lounges and restaurants, where meeting people is easy and getting filled up on the best Indian food was even easier.

Love Jaipur! Varanasi next...