The planning of this whole adventure was based around taking my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training here in the beautiful city of Rishikesh, Northern India. I’m in love with this place already, I breath fresh mountain air and the ashram is surrounded by lush forest. The city itself is quieter, and cleaner than what I have seen so far. We are on the Ganges, the holy river, flowing straight from the Himalayas, this is a very different Ganges than I experienced in Varanasi.

My yoga journey began 4 and a half years ago in Nanaimo, BC at OmTown Yoga Studio. I walked into my first class thinking it would be a good way to get some exercise, and walked out feeling inspired, connected and accepted. That 60 minute class changed my entire life. It changed my perspective on everything and taught me what it means to live with an open mind and an open heart. A regular yoga practice quickly turned into a karma arrangement and the studio became my favourite place to be. Finding a place I could be myself with no reservations, had been hard up until that point in my life, it was there I learned the yoga community is full of different people and everyone is welcome.

Leaving the Island was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, leaving that community and the people who accepted me, no questions asked, was scary and daunting. I thought moving back to Alberta would mean falling back into a pretty unhealthy pattern. When I moved to Whitecourt there was no yoga studio yet, but an amazing, budding community. In the entire time I lived there I never met a single person I didn't connect with, it was easy to meet people an easy to make friends from so many different groups, so thats gotta say something about a town. Shortly after moving there however, Santosa Hot Yoga and Wellness opened up and I found a home again. I found really amazing, genuinely good people that built a welcoming yoga community in a small, transient Alberta town. My practice continued and flourished there and I have missed it and everyone in it since I moved nearly a year ago.

There has never been a point in my practice that I didn’t want to teach. I have always known that I want to share this part of my life with everybody. I want to make people feel the way I do when I find that studio or that place that just feels like my true self can shine. I want to help people feel accepted and loved and that they can do great things, because thats how I feel when I practice, surrounded by a safe space and good vibes. That being said, since I started practicing I have never had a month - the time it takes to complete a 200 hour basic Yoga Teacher Training - off. I’ve been working on a degree or building a career, having a month off just wasn't in the cards. This is never something I wanted to force, or push, it has always been something that when it fell into place it would be right.

Well, it has fallen into place so it must be right! In a month I will finally be a yoga teacher, I can’t wait to see my practice, my mind and my body change in the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to teach my first real class.

I will be taking a break from social media and my blog for the duration of my training, I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for this I don’t want to waste it glued to a screen. Looking forward to sharing this step in my practice, my trip and my life with you in a bit! xo