I have only been in Delhi for a couple hours at this point, and haven't seen anything that wasn't in between the airport and the hostel, hence the reason there will be a part 2...and I promise to include pictures!

I really tried to have no expectations for this trip, I was just going to let it be and go with the flow, it occurred to me though after the minuscule amount of India I've experienced, I definitely had expectations in the back of my mind, so far they are being exceeded! I got off the plane, through customs and met my airport transfer all fairly quickly with no stress whatsoever. It was about half an hour drive to the backpackers district in Delhi from the airport, in that time I remembered why I love to travel. There's something so fulfilling about breathing the air of another country. It's hot and humid and there was a haze so thick I would've swore I never left the clouds. I found out that street lights and lines on the road are just a suggestion, and honking the horn has a variety of meanings.

Getting closer to the heart of Pahar Ganj there were dogs roaming and people wandering the streets. The air smells mostly of smoke and humidity, it smells of heat. It smells the way you could imagine one of the most populated cities in the world smelling, like people and dogs and garbage and smog, but nothing too much. It sounds busy, horns honking and road ways very dense with traffic, and the quiet sound of Bollywood on the radio in the background. It feels safe, welcoming and a little guarded.

Tomorrow my goal is to find somewhere to do yoga and get a chai, but for now it's 2:30am so I'm going to try to sleep through all this excitement and anticipation, try to beat the jet lag. Part 2 and photos to come...