Have you ever found yourself in a yoga slump?

This has only happened to me one other time since I began practicing over 4 years ago. I found yoga when I needed something so badly to believe in, then lost it and lost balance in every aspect of my life, then found it again with more passion and grace then the first time. I go from having a super strong practice, from living my yoga, from really believing in everything yoga has taught me, to, it seems overnight, not.

I haven’t had a regular asana or meditation practice. I haven’t been living my life with compassion or understanding or acceptance. I haven’t been feeding my body nutrients it needs or my soul the kindness and patience it requires. I’m in a slump.

How do you pull yourself out of a slump? How do you convince yourself that you need to move your body with purpose, you need to be kind, you need to nourish your soul? I honestly don’t know how to begin my practice again, and thats a really sad, scary thing. To feel like you are losing the path to your best self.

I think the image of yoga gets construed in the media. All we see are these, mostly very fit, yogis in really hard asanas and everyone thinks it should be easy. It’s not easy. Not for me anyways. It’s really, really hard, its long and its painful and its a lot of work. It really is a journey and a practice. Which is what makes getting out of a slump so hard! It has never been easy for me and I worked so hard at my practice, now just to see it wash away. I feel like getting back into a practice right now is starting over. It’s starting right back at day one.

But I guess that’s the lesson isn't it? What’s so bad about starting over? It’s hard on the ego, and we do yoga to let go of the ego. So here I am being painfully honest with you, it is really hard to know you were at a really great place in your practice, and to know you let life get in the way, you added to the glorification of busy, and you let your best self slip away.

My journey continues everyday, I hope that in the next couple of months I find my way back to my yoga. My 200 hour YTT starts in 79 days, and I am so ready. I am ready to let it in again. Ready to begin again.