I think a pretty common theme among travellers is that we like people. Why else would we stay in 10 person dorm rooms, go places we don't know the language or the culture, or spend our time (and hard earned money) to experience the world? 

I know I love people. I love meeting up with friends from home in countries on the other side of the world. I love getting to see friends I've met somewhere, again somewhere else. I love taking time to talk to locals and learn about things I've never known. I love spending my days making loads of new friends, in hopes of repeating the whole process over again.

As much as making friends and sharing space with people who were strangers only moments ago, I crave my independence.

Today I slept in, and it was glorious. I hopped on my scooter and found an Internet cafe and ate really good food, and sat by myself for hours. Then I went to the most magical restorative yoga class, by myself. Went to another Cafe, and ate another meal, again alone. On my way back to the hostel I got lost (I know, I know, shocker!) but I found my way back to the streets I knew in the daylight, you guessed it, by myself. I went the whole day only interacting with a handful of people. 

I think mostly, spending a day alone in a foreign country sounds daunting or scary, but it was amazing, as it always is. I have had many of these days in many countries and I cherish them all. It was invigorating and recharging. I feel like I am more open to the people I love to spend time with. I had time to believe in my independence, and remember how powerful it is to enjoy alone time. I let myself take a minute to reflect on the last couple weeks, weeks I've spent sharing all the time and space with other people. I let myself fall in love - with myself, with yoga and with the atmosphere of this city. I had time to remember I'm in Ubud, Bali...and that's pretty fucking great!