The year I rang in with a bunch of new friends at a beach party in Sri Lanka, followed by another 4 countries in the first 2 months. I have lived in 2 different cities - one I left with a heavier heart than I expected and the other welcomed me with open arms + possibility. The year I did an unmeasurable amount of self growth - to which I feel I have only scratched the surface. 

This year has been about getting clear with my intentions, and giving myself the time and love that I've needed to bloom. I set goals, and I achieved them - and although they required a lot of hard work, they equally + effortlessly fell perfectly into place. Every single place in every moment this year has been right where I've been meant to be, there was no fighting or struggle - just a lot of peace, and acceptance. I fell in love with hundreds of people and so too many places to count, most importantly I fell in love with myself. 

As I reflect on this year that seemed to fly by and the amount of amazing things I experienced - travel + adventure (outside the country and within my own province), making my photography dreams a reality and shooting 4 yoga festivals, working with a group of people who allowed me to get clear + being close to my family that I love and now being part of a company and an amazing community + building a bright, beautiful life I thought I could only wish for - I'm in total awe, and seriously full of immense gratitude. How is it possible that time seemed to tick by with no mercy, and yet stood still? 

My intention going into this year was to allow myself to be drawn, and pulled with no questioning or doubting + to live my life with more mindfulness - it has allowed me to live big and fill all my minutes to the absolute max. 

Huge love and HAPPY NEW YEARS to the world + all my people in it!

It's been magic, see you soon 2017...