(TO BE CLEAR I'm aware the goal of yoga is not to stand on your hands - and that is not the point I'm trying to make - I'm also aware of the reasons I come into a posture before I do. Is it because I'm feeding my ego or because my body wants it? There are times a gentle practice will do and times that reaching my edge is what I'm craving...)

I thought there would just be some magical day where I would all of a sudden be able to hold it for 30 seconds or something and that would be that, I would be in the coveted handstand club. I think I've been wrong for the last 5ish years. 

My handstand, much like the rest of my yoga practice, and my life have taken patience. They've taken hard work and dedication. They've taken listening to my body - heart, mind and all. There's no magical day where everything just happens, it's progress. It's always progress, every single day. 

Somedays I hold my handstand a millisecond longer, sometimes I've got nothing - but everyday I get more comfortable and settled in to the world around me. Everyday I let my yoga practice and my life fall into the places they are meant to be, organically and authentically. 

It's not all magically happening in one day, and what would be the fun in that anyways? I'm sure I wouldn't be fulfilled if I had everything I want all at once with no appreciation for the process (even my handstand...especially my handstand). Enjoy the work, enjoy the time, and enjoy the journey - don't take those moments for granted and take a second everyday to realize the progress you've already made, and the potential that lies ahead. Live in this moment and be a part of this journey, be at peace with right now and before you know - all the magical pieces are a life, and practice you value.