I think we've become accustomed to yoga photos looking a certain way. There are pretty typical asanas that we see over and over again, we see those poses so much because, in general, people like to see other people do exciting andoften challenging things. I love those images, I take those shots, but thats not where the magic lies in yoga photography. That's not what I love about it. 

Likewise in travel photography, we see a lot of the same, cookie-cutter images. They're always beautiful, and I wouldn't trade my photos of the Taj Mahal for anything. I love taking the photos that I want to have and, to be honest, the photos people get excited to see. 

However I want to do more than take photos that millions of other people have taken. When I think about India years from now, I won't remember every single mosque and temple and fort that I visited, but I promise I will remember the sights and sounds of new places. I'll remember the colours of the sari's, and the taste of chai from a street vendor. I just wish I could share those things with the world. The photographers that I admire, the ones who's images move me, are not only the ones that take stunning photos of sites that others can only envy, but they're the photographers who can capture a glimpse of what life is like for people who live it in another country and culture. I want to capture stacks of gold bracelets adjusting a jewel tone coloured and beaded sari. I want to capture children laughing and women breast-feeding under their garments. I want to share what it feels like everywhere I go, not only through my writing, but also through my photos. 


I love yoga photography for the little moments in between, the delicate split seconds that hang between the postures an individual is trying to achieve. I love the support in fingertips as someone is engaging their core and working on a balance pose. I love the curling of toes between up and down dog. I love when bodies are full of breath and minds are full of light. I love the squirming of sit bones on the earth, the fleshy parts of the body. I love the inevitable smiles as much as the inevitable focus face. I love muscles that are fully extended and working hard to hold us up. I love hands finding mudras. I love seeing challenges and triumphs.

I want to approach travel photography the same way that I approach yoga photography, I want to shoot thousands of photos in the hopes of getting that one perfect shot where everything is felt and no words are necessary. I want to capture little moments of life in between popular tourist destinations, the way I can capture an inhale and and exhale.