Yesterday I was lying flat out on a sandy beach on Vancouver Island, taking close up photos of the lives of tiny crabs, the sparkle of waves rolling in and the infinite colours of empty sea shells. As I was lying there completely in covered in sand I couldn't help but remember this moment from Indonesia.

I was lying there on Gili T, upon a beach made of tiny pieces of coral, watching the sunset over the volcanos of Bali. Mesmerized by the colour the sky turned, and how it changed the ocean and the beach. The skeletons that once held life, corroded by the tide, getting more beautiful and worn in every day. They move with the water, they support little creatures and they caress the feet of travellers - the feet so used to being tucked away in shoes and never connecting with what the planet has to offer. 

In my photography, I'm a details person. I love the little things so often rushed over. I love hands and toes, I love all the details found on a beach made of coral. I love the things we are often too busy to notice. I want to live my life the way I take photos, with more patience, curiosity and love. 

It was nice little flashback in my memory, everyday I'm reminded of something amazing, some little detail that brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my soul. I'm open to my memories and the lessons they hold, I had no idea of the profound effect simply lying on beaches and doing nothing but what makes me happy would have. I want to apply those lessons to my life, and take new lessons from the memories I create everyday. I want to feel more aware and content and alive. There's so much beauty in the world, I want the patience to slow down and see it, to soak it in, and never feel bored or stuck  no matter where I find myself in this life.