I cherish these moments of reflection, of quiet and absorption. I'm a "busy" person, so to take a moment to be still, to set my intention, and remember the intentions I've set for myself over the year (or years) is so so important.

The definition of "intention" is simply an aim or a plan, whereas a "resolution" is a firm decision to do or not do something. I like to give myself space to grow, to ebb and flow with the path I'm on. Rather than resolving, and making hard set decisions - I appreciate having a plan, a general idea of what I want and holding little attachment to the outcome. This was one of my biggest lessons in 2016 - I knew it would be, I learned it over and over again. I'm currently adding a new word to my repertoire this year, it is "goal". Something we talk about a lot at lululemon, a goal is the object of our ambition or effort. 

So first, set the intention. 

The why behind every decision I make.

Then set the goals. 

How am I going to achieve my desired way to feel, and way to live?

These goals will keep my intentions clear,  they will keep me accountable and they will allow me to show up big in this life. 

My intention for the last couple years has been to allow myself to be drawn to the things that pulled - that was great and I've had a million magical moments. But this year, I know what I want, and I know how to achieve it without much risk - so I'm showing up. I'm playing really, really big. 

I will live this year in integrity, I will make commitments to myself and others. I am the kind of person people count on - I expect and accept nothing less from those who surround me. 

I live in possibility, to have the whole world at my fingertips - I will take risks and be afraid and be vulnerable. I will fail, and I will be okay - because I'm setting my goals higher than I ever have. 

This isn't a "let things fall into place" kind of year - this is a "show up HUGE and make shit happen" kind of year. 

Hello 2017, it's nice to meet you. 

Let's make some magic!