T W E N T Y  F O U R |
You were amazing. 

I keep thinking it can't get any better, every year I reflect on where I'm at - and every single year is just as good as the one that's past in different ways. 

I spent the first 7 months of my 24th year in GP, home. I spent it working with amazing people at a pretty RAD yoga studio, searching for and open to what came next. After travelling I was most worried about coming home because I didn't know what I would do, it didn't take long for the possibilities and opportunities to start flowing. I spent those months driving around the province, connecting with communities, shooting yoga festivals, working my ass off, making new friends + loving old ones more than ever and getting myself in line with what is truly important to me. What do I want in this life?

By the time fall rolled around I was clear and ready to take the next steps on this journey. The last 5 months of this year I've spent in Edmonton with my lululemon team, and I never thought I would feel as content and comfortable as I do now. This is home right now, this is where the real development started and more connection - to myself, and the people that surround me - happened than I could've ever dreamed of. I'm so grateful to be immersed in this city and this community. 
It feels so natural, like I've been here forever. 

This year wasn't working for the money, it's been working for the happy, for the balance, and for me. I'm ready to keep letting go of the things that are not in line with the life I want, and continue to flourish in possibility. 

Thank you for everything I've learned this year. For the people who have supported me, and the people who have not - you've all taught me something. I've learned I have a place, and I can shine. 
For the places I've loved, the cities + dwellings I've called home. 
For the hard work, dedication and clarity that is making its way to fruition. The goals I've set and crushed, the goals that are so big they ignite my soul and the goals I haven't even realized yet. 
24, I love you.