One of my favourite parts about the prairies is the wide open sky. 

The unobstructed sunsets and endless fields of canola + wheat. 

Driving for hours with not a town in sight. 


Don't get me wrong, I love the city. It's just nice to know I can leave and connect with more than the concrete jungle that surrounds me. 

Connect with the raw + wild part of myself. 


When I travel I love the hustle and bustle of a new city, the food + smells, the unique experiences a place has to offer. 

But more than anything I live for the sandy beaches that seem to go forever, looking out to the ocean and pondering the immensity of this world. 

Wondering where I’d land if I just sailed away. 


On the West Coast, one minute you're in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - and the next you're driving through lush rain forest, ending up on beaches that touch the sky. 

Welcomed with the warmth of a fiery sunset, a salty breeze off the water and centuries old trees wrapping you in a hug. 


It seems I love the prairies and the island for the same reasons. 

They allow me freedom + adventures, 

all the space to grow + learn. 

Both places teach me humility + gratitude,

and both are filled with overwhelming possibility. 


They're completely opposite, 

and yet the same in the way 

they feel like home.