Location. Location. Location.

Choosing and planning a location for your session can have a make-or-break effect on the content we create. Something people often don’t realize is we may need to rent a space to execute your session.

If applicable, we will shoot in an authentic location that represents you, your brand or your business as best as possible, a place where you would sweat, practice, or truly feel in your element. However, consider this — if your vision board is full of images that are bright and light, but your home or studio is dark or colourful, we will not be able to properly capture content aligned with your brand or goals.

What do you need to perform at your best? A yoga mat? Loudspeakers? Weights? etc. We should consider whether the space has these things or if we need to bring them to set up the space.

Tip: Create a playlist of songs that get you in the groove!


When selecting an outfit, consider the goal outcomes of the session, the location, and the season. I’m all about authenticity; hair and makeup should be kept natural to how your would normally style.

For clothing, I recommend keeping the options neutral and seasonless to increase the longevity of the imagery. Keep brand logos (that are not your own) to a minimum. Best rule of thumb? Plan multiple outfits or pieces that you know you can feel your best in.

Tip: Keep in mind if this will be a sweaty session you may need to bring any necessary toiletries with you for touch-ups throughout.

Journey of the Session.

We will be considering the flow of an entire session, with the goal to shoot as many authentic moments as possible from warm-up to cool down, or start to finish. No matter the action, your expressions should feel genuine. I’m not looking for you to always smile at the camera; rather, I want to see you in your true, unfiltered state. If you’re a smiley runner, great! If you are a serious yogi, also cool! If you are training hard and getting a sweat on, no worries!

Tip: As much a possible, just relax and be yourself. It’s my job to capture you.