Feat. Jamie, Veronique, G and The Practice

it's all in the details

A common thread on vision boards is a desire for imagery that is faceless and acts as a personalized stock image library.

While this has always been a request from clients, I've noticed it a lot more lately. Whether this increase is trend-driven or not, IMHO it's a hugely beneficial piece of content creation.

This content will grow with you. It will allow you to find breathing room in your business and not be so precious about the imagery that you share. The images are seasonless and don't need to change when you're appearance changes, making them last longer. When you pair more anonymous content with neutral clothing and a timeless space, the resulting deliverables can be used over and over again for years.

If you want to get longevity from your investment in professional, high-quality imagery, be sure to plan some faceless content!