BST Hyde Park & Wilderness Festival

Event content

we followed the epic airstream activation from Hyde Park to the English countryside.

It's hard to name all my favourite things about working with lululemon, but one thing that I've always loved is events. And WOW, have I missed them!

For event photography, I always start with a meeting. I get a general sense of what kind of imagery they're looking for and an overall vibe of the event. From there, I often get a brief of the event complete with a shot list, run of show and any other info I'll need.

For BST and Wilderness, I was hired by the events team to capture imagery of the event as well as a wrap-up recap video, all to be used for internal communication.

This blog displays a sample of the content we were able to create over the multiple days I spent with the team.

Rain (lots of it) and shine, we made the most of the good energy!

Check out this small sample of images from both events:

Click the button below to see the wrap-up videos we created at the events:

Creating content is hard, let me help you.

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