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David is a movement artist, yoga teacher, speaker and founder of kindredpacket.

Working with David is like flowing in water, smooth and effortless. Some of our sessions have focused on video for his website or socials; the common thread though, is all the sessions have produced some of my favourite photography work.

Normally, David leads the creative direction during our sessions. He moves, and I follow. He often comes up with quite complex ideas he wants to execute over multiple sessions, so our joint body of work really feels like a giant piece of art.

What's unique about my work with David is, it's often outside, linked closely with nature. We allow the elements to dictate the vibe of the session. From getting soaked in the winter to rolling around on the beach in the summer, each session's deliverables have been diverse and unique.

Our sessions always begin with a pre-shoot meeting, from there, David often sends a mood board or some sample imagery that he's inspired by. We go back and forth on location and he packs a literal suitcase full of outfits that suit his vision. On set we pick looks, he moves, and I capture it. It really is that easy with him.

Check out this small sample of images we've captured over our last few sessions —

Click the button to watch a playlist of the videos we created during our sessions:

You can find DAvid's Website here, It's full of our work together so be sure to check it out and follow along on all the amazing things he gets up to!

Creating content is hard, let me help you.

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